Rocky Roo, RuggerRooz‘Rocky Roo’ is the official RuggerRooz mascot. He is always on hand to support the progress and enhance the skills of every child.

‘Rocky Roo’ is the face of RuggerRooz. Whilst he is not able to attend the classes his presence will always be felt throughout every session, by way of introductions at the start of each class, performing’ ‘Rocky Rugby Skills and Drills’ as well as fun, games and a variety of ‘Rocky Relays. This will ensure everyone has fun in an exciting environment.

Rocky Roo is a positive role model and will promote the personal values and physical capabilities that are found in every successful team. Rocky Roo understands and adheres to the RFU core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship that makes learning and playing the game of rugby so wonderful. Furthermore ‘Rocky Roo’ understands he will face challenges but will strive to fulfil his potential and will persist to succeed in every individual skill of rugby, whether it be passing, catching, kicking, or evasive running.

RuggerRooz will provide overwhelming commitment to ALL children. This will be continually driven and monitored through a supportive and encouraging environment, to ensure Rocky Ro and all the RuggerRooz coaches get the best from every child.

Little Rooz, RuggerRooz

LITTLE ROOZ: 2 – 3½ Years
The Little Rooz Development Programme concentrate on developing a child’s basic motor skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination) through fun and exciting running, jumping throwing and catching games.

Skippyz, RuggerRooz

SKIPPYZ: 3½ – 5 Years
The Skippyz Development programme ensure the tasks become more challenging to further develop each child’s co-ordination, body awareness and controlled movements as well as enhancing technical rugby skills.

JOEYZ: 5 – 7 Years
The Joeyz Development programme is based on enhancing and perfecting the FUNdamentals of rugby to aid the progressive and seamless transition from RuggerRooz to Rugby Clubs.

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