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Our Aim – ‘To provide a fun and challenging environment that will inspire, educate and motivate a lifelong passion for sport through the power of rugby’

RuggerRooz is an innovative and exciting non contact rugby programme that has been designed to enhance a child’s basic motor skills and support a child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development.

RuggerRooz will provide children a positive and gentle introduction to rugby specific skills with particular focus on Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABC’s) that remains a transferable element for many sporting activities. This is encouraged through fun and energetic running, jumping, throwing and catching activities.

The social development of each child remains a core value of the RuggerRooz programme. Introducing the values of rugby through a combination of fun games, skill based activities and challenges enable children to build the foundations of teamwork. Valuable life skills are gradually introduced such as communication, listening, cooperation and independence to raise the social confidence of each child in correlation with their physical and cognitive development.

RuggerRooz is a unique family business that has been designed by a father, rugby player, rugby coach and qualified teacher that understands the requirements to inspire a lifelong passion for the game and its values.

The RuggerRooz programme has been designed for joint participation of both parent and child to offer the knowledge and expertise required to build a strong foundation and reinforce the ‘family’ philosophy of RuggerRooz.

All coaches are RFU qualified, first aiders and CRB enhanced checked trained to the highest standard to ensure all children enjoy the RuggerRooz experience in a safe and organised environment.

RuggerRooz Equip children with the basic skills to be developed later at school and/or club.

For more information call Brett on 07900 596268 or email info@ruggerrooz.co.uk

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Michael Owen, RuggerRoozMICHAEL OWEN
British and Irish Lion
Wales Grand Slam Winning Captain
Wales 41 caps

‘I would highly recommend RuggerRooz as it provides a great, fun way to learn the game and as a parent it ticks all the boxes and more”

Little Rooz, RuggerRooz

LITTLE ROOZ: 2 – 3½ Years
The Little Rooz Development Programme concentrate on developing a child’s basic motor skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination) through fun and exciting running, jumping throwing and catching games.

Skippyz, RuggerRooz

SKIPPYZ: 3½ – 5 Years
The Skippyz Development programme ensure the tasks become more challenging to further develop each child’s co-ordination, body awareness and controlled movements as well as enhancing technical rugby skills.

JOEYZ: 5 – 7 Years
The Joeyz Development programme is based on enhancing and perfecting the FUNdamentals of rugby to aid the progressive and seamless transition from RuggerRooz to Rugby Clubs.

Click here to download our Little Rooz, Joeyz, Skippyz and Little Joeyz class enrolment form and send them back to us at info@ruggerrooz.co.uk.